Q&A with Yi-Mei

Name: Yi-Mei

Hometown: Westbrook, CT

Living in: Hoboken, NJ

OccupationMarketing at Vogue Magazine

Wearing: Alue One in Tawny Tort


"Breakfast would consist of an egg, cheese & avocado sandwich with a strong iced coffee. Then I'd grab a bike and just start riding and whatever happens happens..


What are your favorite activities? Hiking, catching up with friends, being outside and traveling - definitely traveling.

What's your dream trip? Right now?

Right now! That's a hard question because it's constantly changing… where I'm gunning to go next is either Provence in the south of France or Menorca off the coast of Spain.

Best trip you've been on with your Alues? Tulum, Mexico. Have you ever been to Tulum? It's this incredible rustic beach, surf, yoga town facing east towards the Caribbean. It's the anti-resorty touristy Mexico. Unlike most destinations along the Caribbean, Tulum has breathtaking cliffs made famous for the Mayan ruins that sit on them. The sun rises over the ocean and it's the most magnificent thing. I would say the most relaxed moments in my life have been spent in Tulum.

If you could do anything/ be anything? I would love to be a real photographer. Best case scenario: a natural wonders photographer for National Geographic

What's your favorite thing about NY? I love being surrounded by so many of my friends and family. I used to think I wanted to move to a town or city in the middle of nowhere and attempt to forge my own path. While that would have been great, I'm realizing more and more how much being around the people I love matters to me.

If you didn't live in NYC, where would you live? Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There's something I can't explain about waking up and seeing the Tetons. If you haven't experienced it, you should.

What's your ideal day and how would you spend it? I'd wake up with the rising sun, hopefully somewhere on the coast. Breakfast would consist of an egg, cheese & avocado sandwich with a strong iced coffee. Then I'd grab a bike and just start riding and whatever happens happens. How cool would it be to be able to just head out and see where the day takes you? Then it would of course all have to end with a really fantastic bottle of wine.  

If someone was coming to NYC for a day, what would you recommend they do? Oh man, I need to think about that! There are so many different things to do in this city that are all incredible. I suppose I would recommend they take a Citi Bike from Tribeca to Dumbo. Avoid uptown, go downtown and into Brooklyn.  

What's the best part about your job? The people I work with. Without exception they are all smart, motivated, funny, loving...I could go on and on. It is really an inspiring group of people to be around every day, all day. I'm a lucky girl!

Who's your favorite designer? High end: Saint Laurent. Accessible: Pamela Love for jewelry and Rag and Bone for apparel.

What's your favorite thing you own? My Alues!

What's your star sign? Virgo.

If you could have a superpower what would it be? The ability to fly. Definitely. A couple weeks ago my friends and I were asking each other: if you could be any one animal in any one environment what would it be? I decided on a bald eagle in the Jackson Hole Tetons. How cool would that be? The ability to fly would change everything.

Do you really have nightmares about iPhones falling? Of course. Have you seen my phone? It's a disaster.