Q&A with Jinsuk "Scott"

Hometown: Gagnam, Seoul, South Korea. Yes, Gangnam style’s Gangnam.  It’s a big area of Seoul with lots of great places and nice people.  Kind of like Manhattan. Go visit someday, it’s awesome!

Occupation: Fixed Income portfolio manager at Korea Development Bank NY branch.  In short, I decide to buy or sell the right bonds at the right time timing, given the global economic forecast.

Wearing: the Alue One in Classic Tortoise


"I’m very proud of (K-Pops) recent dominance of the global music market."


Where are you living now?  Edgewater, NJ.  This area used to be pretty industrial and was recently developed. When we first got to the US, my family and I moved here for the views of Manhattan!  We love it now.

Best trip you have taken with your Alue sunglasses? Newport, Rhode Island. It was my first trip with my Alues.  Beautiful place on a sunny day with a fresh sea breeze.

What’s your favorite city? San Diego. I like the laid back attitude.  Coming back to NYC afterwards was dizzying.

What is your dream trip? A European trip full of museums.  I’ve been studying up on art history so that I’m ready.

What are your thoughts on K-pop? Haha, I love it, obviously!  I’m very proud of its recent dominance of the global music market.