Q&A with Sarah

HometownWhitefish, Montana, USA

Living in: Brooklyn, NYC

Occupation: Digital Media Consultant.

Wearing: Alue Nine in Bark.


"What should you do in Montana? Stop at the Whitefish Lake Boat Club, get the boathouse chips and a huckleberry margarita and then go for a sunset cruise on the lake! You'll see me in Kokanee Cove or Monks Bay!" 



You just moved to Brooklyn - how does it feel not living in the mountains? Well first of all I'm always lost! I'm originally from Montana and most recently I've been living in Utah so I know that I'm gonna miss the mountains in the winter. Especially the slopes of Snowbird - I love taking Baldy laps!

I've heard stories about you having serious issues with ski boots? It's true! I'm kind of on a program of taking six turns then stopping to hope my feet feel better, then taking a couple more turns, then stopping at the bottom of the tram for a little while to prepare mentally to do it again. Most of the people I ski with have the same issues...

Are you working on any cool projects at the moment in NYC? I'm working for a digital media consultant on a project for Volkswagen. Das Auto! 

You're commuting up from Crown Heights in Brooklyn to Financial District in Manhattan - what do you do to pass the time on the subway? I rock out to music. I've been listening to a lot of Disclosure - they're great. Also JT and Jay-Z. I love Jay-Z, especially living in Brooklyn now - love me some HOVA!

Any good subway stories? Ohhh! You don't want to hear them. They're so disgusting! A guy next to me last week was eating peanuts and just pilling the empty shells on the seat between us for over a half hour. That's not even the beginning.

Any wardrobe favorites for NYC? I'm finding a lot more reason to insert camo into my wardrobe. High heel Nike Dunks seem to be big in NYC! Haha, I want some. I still rock my cowboy boots in the big city. I just went to New England for a weekend - I wore red, white and blue the entire time. I thought it seemed appropriated based on all that I've heard about New England style.

 What's your favorite creative outlet? Longboarding! No, kidding. I dabble in photography, I used to have lots of stuff up on my blog, but recently I've just been sharing music.

What's the best trip you've ever taken with your Alues? Last year we went to El Salvador. I was down there documenting a non-profit, Benefit El Salvador, that works in rural clinics outside of the sleepy surf town of El Zonte. I stayed in this really cool hostel with a great pool. The locals are awesome - we had a blast drinking rum together and they taught me Spanish and how to surf. Hanging out with them helped make sure that I never got to lost or killed. I had some pretty intense days in local clinics and riding ambulances. 

Any destinations at the top of your list for a dream trip? I really want to go to the middle east, especially Tel Aviv. I just feel like its my city. I love the food, the music and the flow-y pants! The owner of Reef's Restaurant in Park City used to be a sniper in the Israeli Army. His food is awesome and his stories are rad - he's inspired me to get over to Israel at some point in the future.

If someone was going to Montana, what would you recommend they do? Stop at the Whitefish Lake Boat Club, get the boathouse chips and a huckleberry margarita and then go for a sunset cruise on the lake! You'll see me in Kokanee Cove or Monks Bay! 

Any recommendations for Salt Lake City? The mexican food is unreal. I'm really into the street tacos outside of the Sears on State Street!