Q&A with Jeff

Hometown: New Canaan, Connecticut

Occupation: Entrepreneur.  

Wearing: the Alue Six in Clear Tort.

Ideal mode of transportation? Sailboat. There is something enchanting about being able to sail endlessly with no energy but the wind. It’s a bizarre, but weirdly comforting, feeling being at complete mercy of nature. At sea you can either be cruising along, or utterly stranded, depending on the temperament of the wind, with absolutely nothing that can be done to change it. I like that.


"I’ve always had a dream of being a bootlegger and living in a society where everyone wears suits."


If you could plan a week long dream trip, where would you go and what would it entail?  I would rent a motorcycle and cruise down the coast of Chile stopping occasionally to ski in the nearby mountains and ending in Patagonia. I think that has the full “dream trip” criteria.

What is your favorite meal? Tomato salad with feta cheese and cucumber.

What scares you? I recently developed a fear of heights. I don’t mind high elevations like airplanes or mountains, but if I step near a cliff or edge of the building my blood starts rushing.

If you could go back in time to one decade, which one and why? Probably the 1920’s, I’ve always had a dream of being a bootlegger and living in a society where everyone wears suits. Other than that almost all of the wilderness outside of the east coast had been unexplored. It would be surreal being the first one to fly fish a fair amount of the western american rivers.

What is the best adventure you have taken your Alues on since you have been together? A week on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. We were a match made in heaven for the entire duration the trip – completely inseparable. I was amazed at the incredible spectrum of colors that the glasses offered. We were fly fishing for a majority of the trip and the Alues let me spot the fish and depth of the waters far better than my friends.

What creative outlet do you get the greatest satisfaction from? I enjoy writing a lot. I write a decent amount of philosophy but also poems, short stories and recently screenplays. I don’t really plan on doing anything with any of them but I like writing enough to keep it going.

Is there anything you constantly draw inspiration from? I get really into music and usually only listen to one band at a time for about two months and then switch to something new. I’m listening to John Mayall right now, last phase was J.J. Cale and Rolling Stones and Lou Reed before that.

Who is your favorite American hero? This might be a little cliche but I have gotten back into my High School reading list lately and must say that my favorite American hero is Jack Kerouac. I’ll always have that traveling bug in me and while I’m in school rather than the road nobody but Kerouac can settle those nerves.

What is the one thing you can’t travel without? This question is a softball. The one thing I can’t travel without is my Alue Optics.