ben q sailor alue optics five sunglasses Name?  Ben Quatromoni Where are you from?  Tiverton, Rhode Island What do you do?  Professional sailor. What are your favorite activities outside of sailing?  Skiing, water sports, apple cider, and traveling. What’s your favorite scent?  Cinnamon. Or the smell of the ocean…whatever that is, seaweed? What's your favorite animal?  Basset hounds and wiener dogs. What's your preference for footwear?  No shoes. Any dream trips in mind?  I would love to go to Alaska and do some heli-skiing. What’s the best trip you've been on with your Alues?  They’ve been to Cannes and St. Tropez – that was a good trip. What’s your favorite place you’ve sailed?  San Francisco. It’s always windy, your sailing right in front of the city, there's tons of current and great scenery. It’s an awesome package. What’s your favorite boat you’ve ever sailed?  The Vanquish in the Transatlantic Race…That was cool. What's your preference, dinghies or big boats?  Dinghies. What are your goals in sailing?  To do a Volvo. Do you have any sailing role models?  Geordie Schaver and Tony Rey. Any thoughts on the Duck's prospects for this season?  What’s Duck? The Alue sponsored A Boat!  Haha, I sense a winning season!

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Pictures of Ben Quatromoni at Le Voiles de St. Tropez, France, this past week.  Powerplay won their class in the regatta!  Ben will be returning to the States soon and we will try and get an interview with him - stay tuned!  All photos by Jane Moon. Ben Q Powerplay Racing Alue Five sunglasses.

Ben Powerplay Racing St Tropez Lay Day

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powerplay racing st tropez

Some pictures from the final stop of the America's Cup World Series held on Narragansett Bay in Newport, RI.  Be sure to check out the next stop in San Francisco at the end of August if you can - the AC45 catamarans are capable of hitting speeds of up to 30 knots and are very impressive in person! americas cup leeward mark alue optics

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We are proud to announce the partnership between the Cheetah II and Alue! The boys on the Cheetah II, Mike and Kim, are sailing their reliable steed, a Chico 30, around the world. They are currently in Langkawi, Malaysia where their first shipment of Alue eye relaxation just landed... Make sure you check out their website,, and be sure to track their epic journey! Cheetah II Alue





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