Our friend Annie sent us these great pictures of her and Mollie hiking the Koko Crater on the southeastern side of O'ahu last week.  Pu'u Mai, Koko Crater's peak, has an elevation of 1208 ft that can be reached by climbing a "stairway" on the southern slope of Koko Crater.  The 1,000 plus "stairs" are railway ties from an abandoned incline tram built by the military during WWII to transport supplies and soliders to a lookout post on the summit.  This looks like the most rewarding workout ever! koko crater alue optics

koko stairs hike alue optics

annie mollie koko crater alue optics

annie alue six koko crater

alue six koko crater

jay alue six

jay alue six sunset

sunset hawaii alue optics

AuthorCase Watson