desi alue optics alaska sunglasses Name?  Donald Eugene Sherwood III (D.E.S.I)

Hometown?  Girdwood, Alaska

Occupation?  Full-time student,  Events Coordinator for Alyeska Resort (winter) and Rafting/ Fishing/ Camping Guide (summer)

Favorite activities?  Skiing, rafting, biking, fishing, and playing in the sea

Favorite cereal?  LIFE

What is the best adventure you have taken your Alues on since you have been together?  We took a helicopter up for a bachelor party and then had a nine mile ski out...

Best thing about Alakas?  Having 360 degree views of the mountains.

Do you have any plans to get into your state sport of dog mushing?  I have no plans on getting into the sport as it cuts into ski time!  But, I have seen the Ididarod and I handed a beer to Lance Macky, former winner of the race.

What is the best question someone from the lower 48 has asked you about Alaska?  "Is Alaska down by Hawaii?  Like on the map?"

Would you rather be fishing or skiing?  Don't put me on the spot like that!...Skiing

What is the biggest fish you have ever caught?  A 39 lb king salmon at Deshka Landing, Alaska.

Any final words?  Keep it real!

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